- A dynamic model of a planetary gear is constructed based on time-varying gear mesh stiffness.

Pic. 1
- A fault is injected in the planet gear considering phase differences of the planetary gear.

Pic. 2
- Signal processing is performed based on dynamic characteristics of transmission error (TE).

Pic. 3
- This research is published in IEEE Transactions on Reliability.

- A Positive energy residual (PER) method is proposed to detect faults of a planetary gear under variable speed conditions using wavelet transform and a Gaussian process.

Pic. 4
- The PER method is validated using modulated vibration signals that simulated planetary gearbox.

Pic. 5
- The method is also validated using vibration signals measured from planetary gear test-bed.

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- This research is published in Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing.

- A failure prediction method is proposed for a motor-driven gearbox under external noises and disturbance.

Pic. 7
- A cepstrum technique is used for extracting fault-relevant features, which is robust to external noises and disturbances.

Pic. 8
- A weighted regression method is used to compensate for the lack of failure data.

Pic. 9
- This research is published in Smart Structures and Systems.